Spine surgery is a major undertaking, and rehabilitation is an important part of helping patients gets the most possible benefit from their surgery. Back surgery can help relieve some causes of back pain, but it’s rarely necessary. Most back pain resolves on its own within two months. Low back pain is one of the most common ailments seen by family doctors. Back problems typically respond to nonsurgical treatments — such as anti-inflammatory medications, heat, gentle massage and physical therapy.

Back surgery might be an option if conservative treatments haven’t worked and your pain is persistent and disabling. Back surgery often more predictably relieves associated pain or numbness that goes down one or both arms or legs. These symptoms often are caused by compression of nerves in your spine. Nerves may become compressed for a variety of reasons, including:

Disc problems: Bulging or ruptured (herniated) disc — the rubbery cushions separating the bones of your spine — can sometimes press too tightly against a spinal nerve and affect its function.

Overgrowth of bone: Osteoarthritis can result in bone spurs on your spine. This excess bone can narrow the amount of space available for nerves to pass through openings in your spine.


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